Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Return of Christ

Darren and I started to study Revelation together and I'm a little nervous already. There is just so much symbolism in the book that I feel like I'm going to be overwhelmed and confused. Hopefully the ESV Study Bible, the study Bible to end all study Bibles will help us out. Like the seven spirits of God are apparently a metaphor for the Holy Spirit? It makes sense after reading the commentary but I would have never figured it out.
When I picture Christ now I picture Him as we see Him in the gospels. I guess because I always read the gospels and am most familiar with them but am scared of Revelation and never read it. I picture Christ as a lowly meek carpenter. A Jewish Rabbi. Just a pretty normal looking guy. But thats not the picture of Christ in the opening of Revelation. I forget that He defeated death and rose from the grave and is now in a glorified body. Just think how much Moses regular human face was glowing from being in the presence of God. Christ has a glorified body and is constantly at the right hand of the Father in the throne room of God. Plus He is God Himself. Christ isn't just the Lamb of the gospels but He is returning the Lion of Judah! He may have been the lowly carpenter turned rabbi that came to serve and die but now He shine like the sun, His eyes are like fire, His hair is white as snow, His voice is like the roaring of many waters and out of His mouth comes a sharp sword. He's not just the Lamb that most people picture Him as, He's not coming back to hand out lollipops and ice cream and the bringing butterflies and rainbows and sunshine.When He returns all the nations will mourn! He's coming back to judge the world. Are we ready for His return? Do we live life in light of the fact that He's going to return?
I know I definitely don't. I fail pretty badly. But its encouraging to know that our victory is assured! That its not my works but the works of Him that died and rose again that will be what is ultimately important on His return. And the fact that Christ is coming back should encourage us to always press on and grow and fail less and less over time.
Are you ready for His return?

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  1. I love this section of Revelations. It is interesting to ask people when they hear the name of Christ, what is in their minds eye? It is not usually the picture of Christ as he really is in Revelations.
    Many years ago, I think I was by myself and just started reading Revelations out loud. It really made everything come alive. I love particularly the first 4 chapters.
    It is worth studying.
    God Bless,