Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Google to integrate Flash into Chrome

When I first learned about html 5 I thought it was a pretty cool deal. But now that the vegetable computer company is bad mouthing Adobe so much I'm perfectly fine waiting around for html 5 to take as long as possible. With the vegetable computer being so popular many many sites were actually beginning to come out with non-flash versions of their sites so they could be viewed entirely by mobile vegetable products. So its good to see that Google is fighting back against this by supporting flash. I heard a joke once that Chrome is Chrome OS so anything that goes into Chrome also goes into Google's upcoming mobile operating system. This means that later this year when Chrome OS devices start rolling out they will natively support flash and will not require any extra downloads or any updates. This is the exact opposite of the vegetable company that wants to cut off their users from Flash. This will be a huge thing in the future if someone is deciding between a Google tablet and a vegetable tablet. The Google tablet will be able to offer the user the full experience of the internet by allowing you to use flash while the vegetable pad will not allow that.
In a completely different aspect of it, I've had to help a friend or two combat viruses that they got when installing a virus that posed as a flashplayer update. So with Flash being updated automatically by the browser something like this will be avoided. But then again anyone falling for a fake flash download probably isn't using Chrome anyway.
For my use of vegetable computer see jkk of jkkmobile.
For the joke about Chrome see Google's announcement presentation of Chrome OS.
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